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Ted Gianoutsos

U.S. Senate 2016

I'm running for senate for ONE term to actually do TWO good things:

 - To congressionally charter a National Uniform Services And Veterans Endowment, NUSAVE.

  - To open ANWR in the best and most beneficial way for America, Alaska, AND wildlife and wilderness.

 If you're interested and want to help spread the word, read on!

Labor Day 2016 is here. The primaries and conventions are thankfully over. The general election ballot for November 8th is now finalized. I'm on it for U.S. Senate as an independent non-aligned candidate.

Unlike the senate self-serving 36-year father-daughter dynastic duo of Frank and Lisa Murkowski, who have always put themselves first, I'm running for only ONE term to do TWO very good things for America and Alaska.

That's it! I have no interest whatsoever in sitting in the U.S. Senate decade after decade, like father-daughter Murkowski have done serving themselves. I WILL SERVE ONLY YOU!

The first good thing I will do is to introduce my proposed NATIONAL UNIFORM SERVICES AND VETERANS ENDOWMENT (NUSAVE) legislation that will benefit all Americans whose very lives depend on the security provided by America's uniform services. National security comes before all else in America. Indeed, NO SECURITY EQUALS NO AMERICA!

America's uniform services, including both actively serving and veteran, military, police, firefighters, border patrol, paramedics, public health, intelligence, clandestine operatives, and many others, have been taken for granted for far too long.

They and their direct dependent families (approximately 100 million Americans) deserve better, indeed they deserve the best care that America can provide with respect to their health, housing, employment, and education.

My NUSAVE legislation will direct 5%, one well-deserved nickel, of every dollar of federal income revenue regardless of its source (approximately 180 billion dollars per year) into a national U.S. Treasury securities based endowment to benefit those uniform services, AND their direct dependent families who support them, when they are in need of help concerning health, housing, employment, and education.

No longer will those who put their lives on the line for the security of ALL of us be treated as second class citizens with an occasional lip-service "thank you for your service" pat on the back. My NUSAVE  legislation will treat them as the first-class citizens, that they so much deserve to be, and put real money in their hands when they and their families need it.

They take good care of all of us, we should take very good care of them because we all benefit from their sacrifice and service!

This is especially important right now as national security is the single most important issue of this presidential campaign, because if you don't have national security, you can forget any other issue. Security comes first, before all else, and those who put their lives on the line deserve to come first.

I'm so tired of hearing politicians, both Republican and Democrat, lie through their teeth about how much they support our uniform services and veterans. All lying lip service!

I am also disgusted with this super-negative presidential campaign with both sides throwing money away on numbing negativity when that money would be so much better invested in an endowment for those brave Americans who literally make presidential campaigns, and all else we do in America, possible with their service.

I want to see Trump and Hillary actually put their money, in truly significant proportion to their wealth, where their big months are for the uniform services and veterans who protect their very lives and their vast fortunes.

I personally challenge them both to do that in this campaign, from a position on the same federal ballot as they are. I do so between them as neither a republican candidate nor a democratic candidate, but rather as a non-aligned American candidate for U.S. Senate.

America has endured the worst presidential campaign ever with more than one year of pure political garbage. I call on both Hillary and Trump, now during the crucial last two months of September and October, to rise up from the sewer of egotistical negativity and come  into the sunshine of personally giving and leading fundraising for those who are on the front lines of America, and protect Hillary's and Trump's very lives and fortunes.

Billionaire Trump, according to a recent article in the Washington Post, has given 2 million dollars in his long rich life to vets, one million to dead vets 30 years ago for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial ( a war that he could have served in but chose to dodge ) and one million to live vets during a fundraising side show in the primaries.

No big deal, indeed if he's worth 10 billion dollars, as he has loudly claimed many times, his vet giving amounts to 0.02% of his huge wealth, that's 2/100th of a penny on every dollar - less than peanuts! Francoise and I have given far more from our very modest means.

As for reported hundreds-of-millions-millionaire Hillary, she's given relatively squat too. Yet, she and Bill have pulled in billions in their foundation from foreigners. I can't believe that folks as smart as they are haven't found a way to have skimmed off at least a billion or two before the money came into America.

They could have dropped it off in a numbered nest egg in some offshore place for their old age, as so many powerful politicians around the world have done for decades. Indeed, it wouldn't surprise me at all to learn, that with any offshore numbered slush funds factored in, that Hillary and Bill are richer than the ol' Trumper!

I want to see both Trump and Hillary, and their billionaire supporters, commit to giving 2 billion each, at the rate of 200 million per year for the next 10 years covering 8 years of their presidency and 2 more years beyond, to the National Uniform Services And Veterans Endowment - NUSAVE; and then to motivate, with daily fundraising during the campaign and into their presidency, America's 500+ billionaires to do the same.

Yes indeed, NUSAVE actually exists. It even has a website called that anyone can visit. It's not just a good idea. It's real and can actually receive billions of dollars to be invested in transparent U.S. Treasury securities for benefit of our American uniform services and veterans and their families.

Francoise and I actually created the real NUSAVE. We incorporated it as a nonprofit in Alaska. It has been granted IRS approval as a 501(c)(3) entity. It is our second great gift to our country and especially to those who put their lives on the line for all of our collective national security and our individual safety.

There is one remarkable and HUGE difference between NUSAVE and the Trump and/or Clinton foundations. The Clinton and Trump foundations primarily enrich Clinton and Trump, by enhancing their brand and glorifying them. NUSAVE doesn't contain our names. We did not create it to glorify ourselves. We created it to honor and help uniform services and veterans and their families. It's not about us, it's about helping them!

We did the same thing 33 years ago when we founded the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation NFWF that also doesn't contain our names. We did that too for our country. We never received one penny from it in all these years, and neither did we get the recognition for founding it. Indeed, on its website - - our name has never been mentioned in 33 years.

We founded the NFWF and NUSAVE as labors of love for our country, its wildlife and wilderness beauty, and for those who stand on America's front lines of our collective national security and our individual safety. Again, it's not about us, it's about America!

Indeed, what Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea Clinton have done and are doing with their family foundation during the presidential campaign is particularly gross. Trump was obviously right when he publicly called them out a couple of weeks ago and said that they ought to disband it right now and give the money to a real charity.

We hereby second Trump's call and say that the Clintons should disband their self-serving foundation and give the money to NUSAVE to honor those whose service actually protects the Clintons' lives, liberty, and ability to raise billions from foreigners seeking favors.

What's good for America and for the Hillary goose is also good for the Trump gander. We also hereby call Trump out on his own self-serving foundation and say that he too should immediately disband it and give the money to NUSAVE as well. The remaining Eric Trump foundation established by Trump's son should be enough to glorify the Trump family name.

Now all Americans will clearly see what Trump and Hillary actually do, as opposed to huffing and puffing, when confronted with a real NUSAVE and a valid candidate on the same federal election ballot as they are on and who is calling them both out. Tough sounding Trump and Hillary talk is cheap, altruistic ACTION is what really counts.

Here is my specific challenge to both Hillary and Trump. Get in your fancy private planes and come to Alaska that is appropriately literally on the front lines of freedom and has the largest per capita number of vets in the country, to boot.

Francoise and I will be glad to attend a press conference with either of you at the Alaska Fox News studio as you present your own two hundred million dollar check to NUSAVE as your first installment on your 10-year two billion dollar commitment to NUSAVE, all of which to be solely and transparently invested in 30-year U.S. Treasury securities.

Then raise as many billions for NUSAVE from your billionaire supporters as you can between Labor Day and Election Day, instead of wasting more hundreds of millions of dollars in annoying ads when everyone in America knows full well who you both are.

Indeed, because the vast majority of Americans are so turned off by this disgusting presidential campaign from hell, I'm confident that the first one of you to actually make the effort to come to Alaska and put your own money where your big loud mouths are and actually DO an extremely good thing for America during this campaign, instead of just talking and talking, and then reinforce and extend that good action by raising the most money for NUSAVE during September and October, instead of for yourselves, will surprise and impress Americans so much that they will win the presidency in a landslide. Believe me!

As for me, when elected, the second good thing that I will DO is to introduce my N.E.W. - N.E.T. ANWR legislation that will also benefit ALL Americans by opening ANWR in the best and most beneficial way for America, Alaska, AND wildlife and wilderness.

My legislation will split the federal revenue from responsible ANWR oil and gas production three ways. One-third for the creation of a U.S. Treasury securities based National Endowment for Wildlife [ N.E.W. ] that will be the lasting legacy of responsible ANWR oil and gas development and will fund wildlife and wilderness conservation throughout America for as long as it exists.

One-third will go to create a National Energy Trust [ N.E.T. ] that will fund the amelioration and continued development of ALL existing sources of energy including fossil fuels, wind, solar, nuclear, etc. and research into new forms of energy.

Energy is crucial to our country and literally fuels our lives, liberty, and our pursuit of happiness. Indeed all Americans will benefit from the National Energy Trust.

ANWR is located on the North Slope of Alaska only 60 miles east of Prudhoe Bay that has already responsibly produced more than 16 billion barrels of Alaska oil. The remaining one-third will go to Alaska to fund all that we do in Alaska and benefit every Alaskan.

I will combine my two proposed pieces of legislation into one act called NUSAVE N.E.W. - N.E.T. ANWR. It will deserve to be passed as unanimously as our National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Act was passed because it benefits every single American now living, as well as all Americans yet to come.

I will do this and leave the senate at the completion of my single term and return home to Alaska, thus providing a good example for others who follow my service to America and Alaska.

Enough of the dynastic self-serving father-daughter Murkowskis, who have much in common with the self-serving father-sons Bushes, and husband-wife Clintons.

They're all so yesterday and are all so coulda-shoulda-woulda. They all coulda served us, they shoulda served us, they woulda served us, if they all had not been so intent on serving themselves! Decades and decades of Murkowskis, Bushes, and Clintons – more than enough!

It's past time for someone new and different in the White House as well as in the U.S. Senate. I will serve only YOU. I neither seek nor accept money from anyone for anything. Vote for me, you will not be disappointed - believe me!

Life only brings so many opportunities to do something really worthwhile and great. We have been fortunate enough to have had two.

We were in the right place at the right time in 1983/84 in Washington, DC. We created a 30-year  wildlife testamentary trust for benefit of the United  States Fish and Wildlife Service of the United States Department of the Interior.

We put cash seed money into it. When we tried to give our gift to our country to the USFWS at Interior, we learned that they only had annual gift authority at that time and thus could not accept multi-year gifts of any kind.

We were thus presented with the opportunity to do something very good for our country that surpassed our wildest dreams (all puns intended). Alone, we went up to Congress to get our newborn brainchild of a Congressionally-chartered National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) established.

We immediately met with the chairmen of the relevant oversight committees in both the House (Mo Udall) and Senate (John Chafee). They invited us to help draft the legislation and to be the lead witnesses at the House and Senate hearings, which we did.

We then took it upon ourselves to lobby the House (Ted) and Senate (Francoise) and placed 60 co-sponsors, including 22 chairmen and the leadership of both parties of the House and Senate, in a divided congress, on the legislation.

The NFWF legislation passed UNANIMOUSLY in committee and on the floor of both chambers and was signed into law by President Reagan in March of 1984 barely a year after we made our gift to our country.

Thus we came to be founders of the NFWF as it absorbed our 30-year wildlife testamentary trust and seed money into itself. We accomplished something that had never been done in U. S. history, before or since, by two virtual nobodies like us.

Over the past 32 years our NFWF brainchild has grown to be the largest wildlife foundation in America. We are very happy that we were able to be of such significant service to our country to conserve its wonderful natural beauty for as long as America continues to exist.

Now at 74 and approaching the end of our fortunate and happy lives together, we have made a second, and most likely final, gift to our country to benefit those brave fellow Americans who willingly and lovingly put their lives on the line to insure our collective and individual national security and safety.

Without them, America would simply not exist in its current free state. Instead, America would be taken over by Russia, China, or Islam. The equation could not be more plain and simple: No national security equals no America.

National security is the single most important issue in this presidential election. Without strong national security, you can forget about all other issues!

Our national security and individual safety gift is particularly important now when both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are trying to convince Americans of how much they support those who put their lives on the line to guarantee our national security and individual safety, and how much they themselves will do to insure our collective national security and our individual safety.

Indeed, our gift and what we ourselves are doing during Ted's campaign for senate, gives both Hillary and Trump the greatest opportunity of their lifetimes to put their money where their mouths are, and actually come to Alaska to support the very good things that two nobodies like us are doing to make America greater.

We have conceived our second brainchild, the National Uniform Services And Veterans Endowment (NUSAVE) a little differently than our first NFWF brainchild.

This time we have gone ahead and incorporated NUSAVE as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit here in Alaska where we live with the help of our friend, Bill Fasser, one of Ted's veteran brothers and also his Knight of Columbus brother.

We have made it so that it can and should also be a membership endowment allowing for membership dues funding as well as voluntary gifts from members, supporters, corporations, foundations, and other entities.

It is our fondest hope and dream that once again the Congress of our United States absorb our brainchild and seed money into a congressionally-chartered National Uniform Services And Veterans Endowment.

Our brothers and sisters in our country's uniform services - federal, state, and local - have for much too long been treated as second-class citizens with mere lip-thank-you-for-your-service pats on the back.

It is way past time to put real money where all of our mouths are for them and their families, especially since they put their lives on the line for us.

We sincerely wish that NUSAVE grows quickly into the largest and richest endowment in America and the world, and absorbs literally trillions of dollars of our Treasury-securities National Debt now in the hands of foreigners, many of which are our enemies, and puts those securities and their tax-payer dollar interest to work benefitting our own bravest citizens!

That's what we've done, and are doing, and that's our senate campaign to serve America and Alaska. The difference between us and father-daughter Murkowski is huge.

They have sat in the U.S. Senate as powerful senators for 36 years serving themselves and doing nothing of any real significance for America and Alaska.

We, in the same time, as two nobodies have given our country and state two nationally important gifts, the first for wildlife and wilderness that has grown into America's conservation colossus, and the second that is destined to be America's largest endowment serving those who put their lives on the line to insure all of our very lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

So, my fellow Alaskans, here's the bottom line on Lisa's re-election for another self-serving 6 years on top of the 36 Murkowski-first years that father-daughter have already had in the senate.

Opening ANWR is their biggest failure year after year. Yet, in 2003, 14 long years ago, they could have easily opened ANWR with us, their own constituents, personifying winning ANWR high ground legislation.

Father Frank Murkowski was governor. He had put his daughter Lisa in his abandoned senate seat. Bush was president. Congress was republican in both the senate and House. Frank Murkowski himself said that the stars were all aligned, yet father-daughter DIDN'T EVEN TRY using us, instead they failed again.

In 14 long years, what a great difference opening ANWR would have made. Today, our Alaska oil pipeline would have been full, instead of 3/4ths empty. The gas line would have been built. America would have been better off with ANWR oil, gas, jobs, economic development, and a multi-billion dollar National Energy Trust (NET) funding all energy enhancement.

Alaska would have obviously been far better off. Wildlife and wilderness conservation especially in Alaska and throughout all America would have certainly been a lot better off with a multi-billion dollar National Endowment for Wildlife (NEW) funding wildlife and wilderness conservation.

And you too, my fellow Alaskans, would also have been much better off in a booming Alaska, enjoying your annual PFD's of about 6 grand each!



Now, do you really want to re-elect self-serving and failed Lisa, for yet another failed 6 years, with Lisa continuing to short-change you and your family year after year on YOUR PFD, and have to go beg her for a few pork bucks?

Alaskans can now do both America and Alaska a real favor by voting to replace Murkowski self-service with Gianoutsos giving!



We CAN PERSONIFY winning high-ground ANWR legislation.





N.E.W. - N.E.T. - ANWR Act


(Note: We are not lawyers. This proposed legislation obviously needs to be drafted into congressional legislative language. Our best use is to personify this legislation because we are uniquely and best qualified to do so.)


The N.E.W. - N.E.T. - ANWR Act hereby immediately opens the so-called 1002 section of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) located on the North Slope of Alaska to responsible oil and gas production.



ANWR – Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

N.E.W. – National Endowment for Wildlife

N.E.T. – National Energy Trust

NFWF – National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

USDoE – United States Department of Energy


The N.E.W. - N.E.T. - ANWR Act will produce billions of barrels of Alaska oil that will help fuel America’s freedom and national security. It will also produce trillions of dollars of economic prosperity and thousands of well-paying jobs.

Best of all, the hundreds of billions of dollars of governmental revenue from ANWR oil and gas production will fund wilderness and wildlife conservation throughout America, fund the research and development of ALL forms of American energy, and will also secure Alaska’s prosperity for many generations.

All governmental revenue derived from ANWR oil and gas production, including but not limited to lease sales, bonus bids, royalties, severance taxes, fees, et al., shall be equally divided among:

1. State of Alaska (1/3rd),

2. US federal government - N.E.T. (1/3rd),

3. The hereby newly created N.E.W. located in the NFWF (1/3rd),

as depicted in the this diagram:


ANWR is America’s largest wildlife refuge. It is elegantly symbiotic, that one-third of the billions of dollars of governmental revenue, from the responsible production of ANWR’s natural ancient wilderness and wildlife fossil fuel, fund a US Treasury securities-based National Endowment for Wildlife (N.E.W.), located in the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), America’s largest wildlife conservation foundation. After all, America’s wilderness and wildlife are the essence of America’s beauty!

As for energy and a National Energy Trust (N.E.T.) fund located in the USDoE; what better use for another one-third of ANWR’s governmental revenue than to fund the research and development of ALL America’s present and future energy sources including better and cleaner fossil fuels, as well as many present and future innovative alternative sources of energy.

Energy is the life blood of America’s existence. Everything including energy is constantly changing. At 72 years of age and after more than 50 years together, Ted and Fran are very grateful for the fossil fuel energy that has fueled their freedom, national security, and pursuit of American happiness all of their lives. Other forms of energy will inevitably fuel the lives of those Americans who come after Ted and Fran. The ANWR-funded National Energy Trust will ensure that extremely beneficial national reality.

The remaining one-third of ANWR’s governmental revenue will fund Alaska’s future prosperity, as it rightfully should, because Alaska contains America’s largest portion of land, wilderness, wildlife, natural energy sources, and truly amazing beauty!

 ANWR’s oil and gas production shall be accomplished as responsibly as possible using current and future oil and gas technology under the same, or better as promulgated and enacted by future congresses, environmental regulations that are now in effect, or will take effect in the future, governing oil and gas production in Prudhoe Bay and the North Slope of Alaska including off-shore.

The numerous North Slope and/or ANWR environmental impact statements that have already been done are hereby deemed sufficient to allow oil and gas production to proceed in ANWR.

Lease sales shall commence immediately and be concluded in 90 days from the signing of this legislation.

This act shall be a stand-alone clean bill without amendment.

Implementation of this act will proceed with all deliberate speed. Bureaucratic foot-dragging will not be tolerated.

ANWR has been a counter-productive political football for far too long. The president and congress are hereby beseeched to take a republican/democratic ANWR political bickering break and do the commonsense right and beneficial thing by passing N.E.W. - N.E.T. - ANWR Act legislation as UNANIMOUSLY as Ted and Fran’s National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Act was passed thirty years ago. It is past time to fill Alaska’s three-quarter-empty oil pipeline with ANWR’s oil to benefit ALL Americans!

This legislation is best personified by Ted and Francoise Gianoutsos, founders NFWF.


Because we’ve already DONE similar legislation before!

We got our National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) act passed UNANIMOUSLY!

Here it is:

And here are the NFWF related documents:

Indeed, we’re the only couple to have done something like this.

Two trillion dollars of energy, economic development, prosperity, and good-paying jobs.

Oil is the major component in America’s security, economy, foreign relations, and way of life. Oil is also the source of Alaska’s prosperity. Alaska’s 800-mile oil pipeline, one of the world’s largest, is the only one that’s 3/4ths empty and lying within a few dozen miles of billions of barrels of ANWR oil. It also has twice the capacity of the Keystone XL pipeline and is all-American to boot - twice the capacity and three-quarters empty, what a shame! 

The only commonsense answer is: FILL OUR EMPTY PIPELINE WITH ANWR OIL ASAP!

What also makes eminent commonsense:

  • Open ANWR, fill our Alaska oil pipeline, and build an Alaska gas pipeline.
  • Build a second oil pipeline and a second parallel gas line “over the top” down through the Mackenzie River Valley to the Alberta oil fields to connect with the Alberta oil pipelines and gas pipelines.
  • Use some Alaska gas to heat the tar sands to extract more oil.
  • Build the Keystone XL pipeline.

All of this will deliver more oil and gas from Alaska and Canada to the lower 48!  



This is neither brain surgery nor rocket science. Far better ANWR oil than Arab-war oil! Indeed, far better all American and neighboring Canadian oil than Middle Eastern oil that is paid for in American blood and broken bodies as well as our money that is better spent here in America. What’s needed are two credible personifiers of reasonable high ground winning ANWR legislation. That’s us!


It’s all about PERSONIFICATION of a good two-trillion-dollar idea. That’s why we can open ANWR.

PS: Check out our slide show below and our one-hour ABC TV interview on our founding of the NFWF and our ANWR legislation.

Ted and Francoise Slide Show that answers the questions: Who are they? What are they doing? Why?


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Click here to see the one-hour ABC-TV interview of our founding of the NFWF.

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