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Ted Gianoutsos

U.S. Senate 2016

Well, here it is Labor Day 2015, and yes, I’m running again as an independent ballot petition candidate for the U.S. Senate, just as I did last year in 2014, and for the same 2 very good reasons – Vets and money!

Vets have been shafted for decades. Since the 60s when I volunteered for the U.S. Air Force, from Kennedy to Johnson to Nixon to Ford to Carter to Reagan to Bush to Clinton to Bush again to Obama, through 10 presidents, both Democrats and Republicans, most Vets themselves, from Vietnam to the Gulf War to Iraq to Afghanistan, Vets have gotten far more lip-service than the real first-class care that they so richly deserve for putting their lives on the line for America.

For more than a half-century, I have listened to the empty words of praise from Democrats and Republicans for Vets while watching care for Vets deteriorate to the shameful present time when Vets are actually dying while waiting for a lousy appointment with the VA! Enough!

For many of those years, I myself had been registered as a Democrat or a Republican voter – until I became fed-up with the lame lying political rhetoric of “I support You”! The politicians are far more supportive of dead Vets with memorials than live Vets with good care. 

I’m a proud founding member of the Anchorage Chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America, the Veterans Party of Alaska, and the Alaska Veterans Foundation. I’ve put my time and money where my mouth is for Vets.

If elected, I will use my U.S. Senate seat to promote a National Veterans Party and National Veterans Foundation as strongly as I can, because votes and money are the twin keys to real first-class care for America’s Vets.

Speaking of money, that’s the second reason that I’m running for U.S. Senate – to open ANWR in the best and most beneficial two-trillion-dollar way for America, Alaska, and wildlife. The details of my proposed winning high ground NEW-NET-ANWR legislation are laid out below on our tedandfran website.

Enough of the dynastic self-serving father-daughter Murkowskis, who have much in common with the self-serving father-sons Bushes, and husband-wife Clintons. They are all so coulda-shoulda-woulda. They all coulda served us, they shoulda served us, they woulda served us, if they all had not been so intent on serving themselves! Decades and decades of Murkowskis, Bushes, and Clintons – more than enough!

Frank and Lisa Murkowski have served themselves for 36 years in the same senate seat lining their pockets while our Alaska oil pipe-life-line has carried less and less oil. They both have failed to open ANWR because they can’t.

I can and will succeed. I will simply do one good two-trillion-dollar deed for our country, Alaska, and wildlife for one term only, and I’m outta there! I have absolutely no interest in sitting in the Senate to serve myself! I’m running to serve YOU!

So, if you’re an Alaska voter, do our country, Alaska, wildlife, and yourself a favor and elect me. If you’re not an Alaska voter, you can still do our country, Alaska, wildlife, and yourself a favor by spreading the word about my unique candidacy. That’s what will elect me, because unlike Lisa, I don’t accept any money from anyone for my campaign. I’m not for sale. Last year, I didn’t spend a dime on my Senate campaign and still got nearly 6,000 votes. Anything is possible in America, even electing me to open ANWR and really help Vets!



We CAN PERSONIFY winning high-ground ANWR legislation.





N.E.W. - N.E.T. - ANWR Act


(Note: We are not lawyers. This proposed legislation obviously needs to be drafted into congressional legislative language. Our best use is to personify this legislation because we are uniquely and best qualified to do so.)


The N.E.W. - N.E.T. - ANWR Act hereby immediately opens the so-called 1002 section of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) located on the North Slope of Alaska to responsible oil and gas production.



ANWR – Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

N.E.W. – National Endowment for Wildlife

N.E.T. – National Energy Trust

NFWF – National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

USDoE – United States Department of Energy


The N.E.W. - N.E.T. - ANWR Act will produce billions of barrels of Alaska oil that will help fuel America’s freedom and national security. It will also produce trillions of dollars of economic prosperity and thousands of well-paying jobs.

Best of all, the hundreds of billions of dollars of governmental revenue from ANWR oil and gas production will fund wilderness and wildlife conservation throughout America, fund the research and development of ALL forms of American energy, and will also secure Alaska’s prosperity for many generations.

All governmental revenue derived from ANWR oil and gas production, including but not limited to lease sales, bonus bids, royalties, severance taxes, fees, et al., shall be equally divided among:

1. State of Alaska (1/3rd),

2. US federal government - N.E.T. (1/3rd),

3. The hereby newly created N.E.W. located in the NFWF (1/3rd),

as depicted in the this diagram:


ANWR is America’s largest wildlife refuge. It is elegantly symbiotic, that one-third of the billions of dollars of governmental revenue, from the responsible production of ANWR’s natural ancient wilderness and wildlife fossil fuel, fund a US Treasury securities-based National Endowment for Wildlife (N.E.W.), located in the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), America’s largest wildlife conservation foundation. After all, America’s wilderness and wildlife are the essence of America’s beauty!

As for energy and a National Energy Trust (N.E.T.) fund located in the USDoE; what better use for another one-third of ANWR’s governmental revenue than to fund the research and development of ALL America’s present and future energy sources including better and cleaner fossil fuels, as well as many present and future innovative alternative sources of energy.

Energy is the life blood of America’s existence. Everything including energy is constantly changing. At 72 years of age and after more than 50 years together, Ted and Fran are very grateful for the fossil fuel energy that has fueled their freedom, national security, and pursuit of American happiness all of their lives. Other forms of energy will inevitably fuel the lives of those Americans who come after Ted and Fran. The ANWR-funded National Energy Trust will ensure that extremely beneficial national reality.

The remaining one-third of ANWR’s governmental revenue will fund Alaska’s future prosperity, as it rightfully should, because Alaska contains America’s largest portion of land, wilderness, wildlife, natural energy sources, and truly amazing beauty!

 ANWR’s oil and gas production shall be accomplished as responsibly as possible using current and future oil and gas technology under the same, or better as promulgated and enacted by future congresses, environmental regulations that are now in effect, or will take effect in the future, governing oil and gas production in Prudhoe Bay and the North Slope of Alaska including off-shore.

The numerous North Slope and/or ANWR environmental impact statements that have already been done are hereby deemed sufficient to allow oil and gas production to proceed in ANWR.

Lease sales shall commence immediately and be concluded in 90 days from the signing of this legislation.

This act shall be a stand-alone clean bill without amendment.

Implementation of this act will proceed with all deliberate speed. Bureaucratic foot-dragging will not be tolerated.

ANWR has been a counter-productive political football for far too long. The president and congress are hereby beseeched to take a republican/democratic ANWR political bickering break and do the commonsense right and beneficial thing by passing N.E.W. - N.E.T. - ANWR Act legislation as UNANIMOUSLY as Ted and Fran’s National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Act was passed thirty years ago. It is past time to fill Alaska’s three-quarter-empty oil pipeline with ANWR’s oil to benefit ALL Americans!

This legislation is best personified by Ted and Francoise Gianoutsos, founders NFWF.


Because we’ve already DONE similar legislation before!

We got our National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) act passed UNANIMOUSLY!

Here it is:

And here are the NFWF related documents:

Indeed, we’re the only couple to have done something like this.

Two trillion dollars of energy, economic development, prosperity, and good-paying jobs.

Oil is the major component in America’s security, economy, foreign relations, and way of life. Oil is also the source of Alaska’s prosperity. Alaska’s 800-mile oil pipeline, one of the world’s largest, is the only one that’s 3/4ths empty and lying within a few dozen miles of billions of barrels of ANWR oil. It also has twice the capacity of the Keystone XL pipeline and is all-American to boot - twice the capacity and three-quarters empty, what a shame! 

Three words on the Keystone XL oil pipeline: HIGH GROUND PERSONIFIERS! The November 2014 senate vote failed because there were NO credible high ground personifiers of the issue. Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu certainly didn't personify the high ground on the issue. WE DO, because nobody personifies the high ground on wildlife and OIL as well as we do. Obviously the way to pass Keystone XL is to join it to high ground ANWR legislation as N.E.W.N.E.T.ANWR - XL and let us personify BOTH!

Former governor Sean Parnell’s 3-D ANWR oil study to precisely quantify previous 2-D multi-billion-barrel oil confirmations merely guilds the o(i)ld lily! It’s just as ludicrous as arguing about whether ACES or MAPA is the right Alaska oil tax level on our 3/4ths empty pipeline when half of Alaskans like neither one as was evidenced in the recent nearly-equal split on Ballot measure 1.



The only commonsense answer is: FILL OUR EMPTY PIPELINE WITH ANWR OIL ASAP!

What also makes eminent commonsense:

  • Open ANWR, fill our Alaska oil pipeline, and build an Alaska gas pipeline.
  • Build a second oil pipeline and a second parallel gas line “over the top” down through the Mackenzie River Valley to the Alberta oil fields to connect with the Alberta oil pipelines and gas pipelines.
  • Use some Alaska gas to heat the tar sands to extract more oil.
  • Build the Keystone XL pipeline.

All of this will deliver more oil and gas from Alaska and Canada to the lower 48!  



This is neither brain surgery nor rocket science. Far better ANWR oil than Arab-war oil! Indeed, far better all American and neighboring Canadian oil than Middle Eastern oil that is paid for in American blood and broken bodies as well as our money that is better spent here in America. What’s needed are two credible personifiers of reasonable high ground winning ANWR legislation. That’s us!


It’s all about PERSONIFICATION of a good two-trillion-dollar idea. That’s why we can open ANWR.

PS: Check out our slide show below and our one-hour ABC TV interview on our founding of the NFWF and our ANWR legislation.

Ted and Francoise Slide Show that answers the questions: Who are they? What are they doing? Why?


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Click here to see the one-hour ABC-TV interview of our founding of the NFWF.

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